March 2008
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Ella with Philip Pullman

The highlight of Ella's month was an expedition with Mummy to Oxford, where she met Philip Pullman and heard him read from his new book. She also took part in several Easter egg hunts and visited lambs at a nearby farm. And she has been doing a lot more sewing. She now has quite an elaborate sewing kit (and Georgia has a matching one). Ella and her friends will happily spend hours at a time sewing monsters, cushions, items of clothing for dolls, and so forth. Also this month Andrew proposed marriage to Ella, and she celebrated her engagement by playing "Guitar Hero" in a wedding dress. She had her eyes tested again and got some very cool new purple glasses. At school Ella represented her house in the poetry competition and came second overall. And she took part in the Bromley Music Festival with the school choir, and they came first.

Ella on an egg hunt Ella with Easter lambs
Ella and Miles with daffodils Ella and Miles on the bean bag
Ella and Georgia with capes
Ella and Georgia sewing Ella playing Guitar Hero
Ella with her new glasses